Mafalde Parmigiano


This is my go to comfort food or when It’s late, still to cook dinner and want something delicious and fast!
This recipe actually came about after a trip to Lake Como a few years ago. We took a boat trip to a small town around the lake it was so pretty with tiny little narrow streets and beautiful shops, a typical traditional Italian town.
Anyway it got to lunch time and we were starving but we done that thing when you look at a few restaurants but keep thinking there’s going to be a better one down another street until we had walked around in circles for ages. We tried to sit down at a few restaurants but they were closing for “siesta” as a lot of them do.
Finally we ended up at the first restaurant that we saw, typical. I ordered a simple pasta dish and was so surprised when it came to the table. The waitress brought a whole Parmesan, slightly hollowed out to the table on a tray with a bowl of pasta on the side. She then put the pasta inside the parmesan and started to scrape at the parmesan with two forks. It was absolutely amazing to see, the whole restaurant was watching in awe. I still couldn’t believe I thought I had ordered the simplest of pastas and it came with this sort of entertainment. We couldn’t wait to recreate this dish and it’s now a definite favourite of ours.

Serves 2 greedy people as a main or 4 people as a starter:

250g Mafalde pasta
120g parmesan, grated with a fork ( very important )
A knob of butter
Tbsp olive oil

Firstly put a pot of salted water on, bring to a boil and add the pasta.
The grating of the parmesan is very important. It can’t be too fine or it’s melts too quickly and a wide grate is not much better. The key to this simple and delicious pasta is to grate it with a fork, back and forth resulting in a crumb like texture that coats the pasta.


When the pasta is al dente, drain and transfer to a large bowl. Add the knob of butter and olive oil and stir until melted. Let the pasta cool for a minute before adding the parmesan. This too is very important, you want the cheese to coat the pasta and not melt straight away. After a few minutes stir in the parmesan until thoroughly coated and viola it’s done! Of course serve with a lovely glass of red that’s to your liking and enjoy!