A little about us!

So my name is Emily and I have created this blog along side my beautiful boyfriend Nathan. We are a young Scottish couple that love to eat, cook, travel, be creative and just pretty much enjoy life.
We have been living in Italy since the start of this year. Yep! It’s risky, hard and stressful but we are loving every second here and don’t want to leave! Currently trying to get as much work as possible although a lot of it is seasonal and no, we are not fluent in Italian either so a large part of our time is spent learning the language. Putting all the stressful parts aside, we love to eat and what better place to be! We can cook and eat beautiful food with the sun shining, a glass of prosecco in hand with a stunning backdrop.
We have many dreams we would love to achieve, speaking fluent Italian being one of them and also writing a recipe book, which brought us to this blog. We have only just started and are completely new to the blogging world so sorry if our posts and photos are a little on the rusty side. Any feedback you have would be amazing for us! So please comment and like away on our posts.
Anyway we hope you enjoy reading our blog and creating our recipes as much as we do!

Emily & Nathan x

24 thoughts on “A little about us!

  1. Hey Emily and Nathan! Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking a post. πŸ˜€ Those fennel rounds made me hungry. I think I should go grab a cookie. LOL!
    Anyway, hope to see you guys again (at my blog) soon. πŸ˜€ Happy Cooking!

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  2. Hello there, Emily! What a sweet little blog you have here – I found you in Blogging 201. Firstly, YOU ARE IN ITALY!!! My favourite place ever… I have been there the two past summers and will soon be back for my second season skiing there… Aosta Valley. I love everything about Italy… the food, the people, the landscape, the history… wonderful. I am happy to follow! Your recipes look simply lovely! Mother Hen


    • Hi there! Thank you again for the feedback, it’s great to have an honest opinion. Aw so glad you love Italy too, it really is amazing and so much to see! Skiing here must be so much fun. Also what a great blog you have. It’s so well laid out and I really like your theme and not to mention I love your style of writing, it’s great! I look forward to reading more! πŸ™‚


      • *blush* – thank you, Emily! You are such a sweetheart… I really appreciate your taking time to visit me! We ski the Aosta Valley, up by the Swiss border. It is STUNNING!! And the food… oh, the fooooood! xx


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  4. All I can say is wow, and yum! I will happily follow your blog, and hope to find inspiration in your recipes, as my imagination has stalled recently. I hope you’ll stop by, too, and maybe follow my blog back? πŸ™‚


  5. Seems like you and your boyfriend are having a grand time! πŸ™‚ I wish had the skills in the kitchen because judging from your photos, the food you cook looks delicious! I bet it’s exciting to be a young couple in a foreign country πŸ™‚ Had a taste of it when I lived in Singapore with my husband for a few months πŸ™‚


  6. I just moved to Italy as well, from Brazil! It really is a risky decision, but this country is so amazing, there are so many things to discovers and SUCH GOOD FOOD! Hahaha I bet you two are loving it as much as I am. Good luck!!


      • Beautiful, I’ve never been to Florence. I’m in a small town by the sea called San Vincenzo. It’s further south, about 40 minutes from Livorno. We’d love to see much more of Italia when we can, further north and south. There’s so much to see. πŸ™‚ I had a quick look at your blog, really interesting. Looking forward to having a proper look tomorrow :-).


      • Well, if you ever come to Florence, let me know! I’m only starting to explore the country as well, have only been to Milano and a few small cities around here, but I look forward to getting to know every bit of it! I hope you like my blog as much as I like yours, I already chose a few recipes to try on my own!


  7. Ciao! I love your recipes and photos! The colors really popular off the page!
    Italy is an amazing place and I’m sure you’ll learn the language quickly! This Italian -American will vouch for it!
    Grazie infinite e a presto!


  8. Some of these dishes look absolutely fantastic. As an individual who cannot cook much, I’ve decided to follow your blog, at the very least to get new ideas. Do keep them coming, and have fun in Italy!


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