The Leibster Award

We’d like to say a massive “Grazie Mille” to Lia at LifestyleswithLia for nominating us for the Liebster Award!


We had never heard of the Liebster Award but after receiving this nomination we discovered that it’s a great way to get people connected to the new bloggers out there and help find and enjoy the blogs you love.

Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster Award:

  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.


First up, 11 random facts about myself and Nathan:

1. My absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas. I’m a bit obsessed and even find it hard to sleep on Christmas Eve.

2. When Nathan was 18 and 20 he spent some time in Malawi,Africa, building houses and helping out in schools. It was one of the most life changing experiences of his life.

3. Geography is my worst worst worst subject ever. Put a map in front of me and it’s like Chinese. One of my goals in the next 6-12 months is to study this so at the very least I know the basics.

4. Nathan has a massive passion for wine and mushrooms.

5. We would ALWAYS choose cheese over chocolate.

6. When we volunteered in Italy working on farms etc around 3 years ago, I put on nearly 2 stone and never noticed until I saw a photo of myself holding a big fat sandwich.

7. Nathan has a very strange obsession of always wearing 2 pairs of socks. He says 1 pair just feels weird….?

8. I would much rather drink Prosecco over Champagne ( if I was ever in the position to choose ).

9. We both hate fast food ( as in McDonald’s not food that is just fast to make ).

10. I drink Earl Grey tea with milk all day.

11. I have an obsession with clothes that unfortunately I cannot fund so love to pretend to shop online adding things into my basket but not actually buying them.

Choosing our nominees was tricky because we have blogs that we love to follow but are pretty well established and have a lot of followers and I mean in the thousands so this award wouldn’t fit. So I went searching and reading, discovering new and brilliant blogs which and here they are.

These are our lovely nominees…

Flavia Lozano – A travel and lifestyle blog, definitely worth a look.

That Saucy Tart – I always enjoy reading this blog it’s extremely well written and humorous too :-).

Metamorphosis-365 – A very interesting blog I enjoy reading.

Dissecting The Look – My love for fashion led me to this one, it’s great for finding out what the latest trends are and is very visual which I like.

Turns Out I Cook – More delicious recipes, I can’t help but follow foodie blogs.

Memoirs of another day – A little bit of everything food, fashion, make-up with lovely photos.

Scissors and Sage – Such a lovely blog full of recipes and craftiness.

The Lawful Kitchen – Beautiful recipes and great photos.

Jemma Walker – A great fashion, style and beauty blog.

Blackberry-eating In September – The latest post made me go Wow! Check it out.

Well Made, Made Well – Lots of crafty and interesting things on this blog, I loved finding this one.

And here are Lia’s 11 questions answered :

1. What is your favourite snack food? Snack? Hmm I don’t eat many snacks bar some fruit or a yoghurt. I did used to love hummus but I’ve not eaten it in months since moving to Italy. It’s not something you see very often, if at all and the ingredients I need to make it need to be ordered online unfortunately.

2.What is your favorite room in your house/apartment? I love my kitchen because it’s so cute, shabby chic and quirky and I love to cook but I also love my living room because we have a big deep comfy couch ( wider than a single bed ) where we love to relax with our candles on and a glass of vino, it’s such a lovely atmosphere.

3. What is your favorite dish that you know how to cook? This is VERY hard because I don’t think I could possibly ever have a favourite dish but the one that sticks in my mind is fillet steak with parmesan cream, wild mushrooms and fried gnocchi. It’s absolutely delicious and always the one that we go to on special occasions.

4. What is your favorite holiday/special event to celebrate? My absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas, I honestly start thinking about it mid September! I love the cold air, early dark evenings, snow ( when it comes ), all the little lights, putting up the tree and not to mention the food and drink. My list of reasons could be endless.

5. What is your favorite shape of pasta? Another tricky question but I have to say I love linguine!

6. Who is your favorite Disney character? Hmm..Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I want to watch it now…

7. What is your favorite month of the year? December because it’s CHRISTMAS!! ( said in the Slade scream )

8. What is your favorite cooking/kitchen smell? Hmmm… I love the smell of garlic cooking mmmm.

9. What is your favorite outdoor sound in nature? I do love the sound of wind and rain battering off the window when your tucked up in bed knowing you don’t have to go anywhere.

10. What is your favorite kind of weather? I love snow, there is something magical about looking up at a dark sky watching it fall down.

11. What is your favorite era in history? I love the 1920’s. I love all the fancy dresses, hair, make-up with all the glitter and cocktails.

Now for the 11 questions for my 11 lovely nominees..

1. What was the best meal you’ve ever had?

2. What would you do with £1,000,000?

3. What is your worst habit?

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

5. When was the last time you done something that scared you?

6. Cheese or chocolate?

7. Name one thing you are truly passionate about?

8. Favourite place you’ve been on holiday/vacation?

9. Favourite movie of all time?

10. What is your dream job?

11. What is your favourite way to relax?


One thought on “The Leibster Award

  1. Wow! I completely enjoyed reading your random facts and the answers to the questions I posed… I learned more about the team that makes InTheRusticKitchen a reality! And by the way, I agree with your #5 and #8 of your random facts!
    I look forward to reading more about the nominees you’ve enjoyed reading…
    Congrats again!
    Auguri e a presto!


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