Welcome to Inside The Rustic Kitchen!

Welcome to inside the Rustic Kitchen. My name is Emily and I love to eat. Me and my boyfriend Nathan have been together for almost 7 years now starting from the very innocent age of 17. We are both from Edinburgh, Scotland and have grown together with our love and passion for food, cooking, travel and creativity.
One of our biggest dreams in life is to create a recipe book and it’s currently a working progress. We thought we would start with a blog so we can share our excitement and passion for what we love most.
We have recently made a big leap and moved to Italy! It was all very sudden but it was a job opportunity Nathan could not refuse and why not? life is about taking risks especially to get where you want to be in life and what better place to be if you love to EAT and of course the language, it’s too beautiful not to learn.
Nathan’s Great grandmother was also Italian so there was already a connection. We also spent 7 months volunteering on farms around Italy in 2011 which was such an amazing experience. Infact that’s a whole other book altogether, although it would definitely need to be a comedy. Lesson learnt too many figs can end in disastrous consequences.
Anyway I wanted to keep this short and sweet and get on to the fun part, the food! Our recipes are not always Italian but we get our inspiration from Italian regional dishes. Basically just what we love to eat!


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